Buying or Selling a House – Should You Have Attorney Assistance?

Perhaps the most common transaction in the area of real property is the purchase or sale of a residential property. In many states, real estate brokers, title companies, and escrow companies routinely handle purchases of residential property, without the services of a lawyer, in other states, attorneys handle various parts of the transactions.

However, if you live in a state where attorneys play an essential role in the sale, you need an attorney. In states where an attorney is not required, it may still be worth a few hundred dollars to retain an attorney, particularly to draft or review the original contract and escrow instructions.

  • There are many instances in which having an attorney at the outset has assisted in a smooth closing process
  • Any deal that is not favorable to you should, in fact, not close
  • An attorney is likely to be the most independent party removed from the transaction, and after all is hired to represent only your interests

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