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Since 1971, LegalEASE, a LEGAL ACCESS Company, has grown from a group of five attorneys providing services to a modest amount of companies in a metropolitan area to a network of over 20,300 attorney providers assisting more than 12.8 million employees across several market segments and multiple products. LegalEASE is an employee benefits company that provides assistance to employee members millions of times each year throughout the United States of America.



  • Online option for registered members (enrolled in a benefit plan)
  • 5-step intake process  
  • Quicker matching and connecting to your attorney
  • Select specific traits needed from an attorney
  • Multiple preference options focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  
  • Targeted questionnaire for each Area of Law
  • Direct email communications with attorney as case is matched
  • Track progress of your submitted case online

Average Time of Typical Legal Matters

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