The duration of conservatorships or guardianships for minors is generally limited - that is, until they turn adult age. There is an exception: unless they are mentally incompetent, then the guardianship or conservatorship may continue in its present form or a new proceeding may be required.

Generally, the process of guardianship or conservatorship begins when a person files a petition with the court to "open up" a guardianship or conservatorship proceeding. Usually, a parent opens such a proceeding for a child, or an adult child or spouse opens such a proceeding for their incompetent parent or spouse.

A guardianship or conservatorship is necessary when it involves the concept of one person caring for another who is not competent to care for their affairs themselves. In the case of children, they are, by law, considered not competent to make binding legal decisions by themselves until they reach the age of majority.

What if you did not plan ahead and are now faced with a family member who has become incapacitated? Legal issues with guardianships and conservatorships.

Child support is almost always a part of the marital settlement agreement. This represents the money the court will order, or the parties can agree to be paid, usually on a monthly or weekly basis to one spouse for the support of the children. Usually, the support is paid to the spouse who has custody, since it is necessary for that spouse to provide food and shelter on a regular basis.


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