Leases should be treated just like contracts. They are enforceable and will obligate you to the terms of any signed agreement. Generally, there are two types of leases: "open end" leases and "closed end" leases.

Open end leases:

Auto accidents are unfortunate circumstances. They can happen to anyone, no matter how safe you are on the road. When an accident occurs, more than your health is at stake. You need to assess your injuries and do many things to ensure your recovery. Defending against persons claiming that you caused an accident can involve many factors.

The concept of capital gains is a specification in the Internal Revenue Code that gives preferential treatment to the sales of certain specified assets. Why is this important? Because, if you buy a specified item and hold it for the specified period of time, the proceeds on the sale of the item are taxed at a rate that is preferable to the rate of many of the tax rates in effect at the time.

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