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Medicare has two parts and each part has its own set of rules:

Part A governs the provisions under which acute care in hospitals is rendered and also allows limited coverage for skilled nursing care, home care and hospice care. It is paid by employer and employee contributions.

In the event that you or a loved one becomes incompetent, any person can start the proceedings for a guardianship (for a child) or conservatorship (for an adult). This may put you at several disadvantages if you were not prepared for such an event, such as:

In the unfortunate event that you become ill or mentally incapacitated, it is important for you to have a means of expressing what medical procedures you want to be performed before you become sick. It is surprisingly easy to do so with a Living Will. When creating a Living Will, you must be of sound mind and not incapacitated.

Are you eligible? In order to understand the legal aspects of Medicare coverage, you must know and understand the requirements set by statute in order to receive Medicare payments.

In many states, a Living Will becomes effective when it is signed, and witnessed by two witnesses. Frequently, the signature of the maker must also be notarized.

Check your state law:


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