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In the unfortunate event that you become ill or mentally incapacitated, it is important for you to have a means of expressing what medical procedures you want to be performed before you become sick. It is surprisingly easy to do so with a Living Will. When creating a Living Will, you must be of sound mind and not incapacitated.

Medicare is governed largely by federal statutes and regulations. Of course, each state may have its own process of appealing a Medicare decision and these should be checked in each case. Because of the federal rules and regulations involved, the typical administrative law process is followed under Medicare.

Do you always need a lawyer in Medicare Disputes? Of course not, and in fact, we recommend that for certain problems you do not incur the cost of an attorney. Remember to use a cost-benefit analysis in this area, as well as others, in deciding to retain an attorney.

What is hospice care? Hospice care is generally provided for terminally ill patients, and does not contemplate care for patients who are likely to recover from illnesses, regardless of severity. Hospice care generally involves the process of managing an illness and not curing an illness. The rules covering hospice care are detailed and also vary from state to state.

Several elements are of paramount concern in thinking about one's future. These elements include:


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