Duration of Conservatorships/Guardianships

The duration of conservatorships or guardianships for minors is generally limited - that is, until they turn adult age. There is an exception: unless they are mentally incompetent, then the guardianship or conservatorship may continue in its present form or a new proceeding may be required.

Conservatorships or guardianships for incompetent adults may continue year after year until the person either recovers or dies. This means that each year, the court proceeding continues, and so do its costs and requirements. Each year an accounting is required to be submitted to the court. Each year different reports may be required by the court. All of these may require you, or the estate of the conservatee, to pay the fees for these items. It is not uncommon in these proceedings for the family to be left feeling that everything is "tied up in court."

These types of cases can easily be avoided by proper preventative measures and legal counsel. To get started, contact member services to be paired with the proper attorney.

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