Major Signs of Identity Theft

Part of being prepared for identity theft is understanding some of the major signs of identity theft. The majority of identity theft victims do not even know their identity has been compromised until they are contacted by a collection agency for fraudulent debts or falsely arrested by the police.

Therefore, should you notice any of the following major signs of identity theft, speak with an Identity Theft Coach at your earliest convenience to discuss recovery measures.

The following are major signs of identity theft:

  • Lost or stolen belongings
  • Missing mail
  • Unauthorized purchases and accounts including unexpected charges and unauthorized transactions
  • Unfamiliar accounts
  • Calls from collection agents for unfamiliar debts
  • Notice of repossession for something you do not own
  • Contact by the IRS regarding duplicate returns or not having reported all of your earnings
  • You are arrested as a result of an outstanding warrant for which you were not aware or responsible for
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