Proper Matter for the Court

When your claim is proper matter for Small Claims Court, contact Member Services or your Plan Attorney to be sure that:

  • Property damage accidents with no injuries may easily be resolved in Small Claims Court, so long as the damages do not exceed the jurisdictional limits of the Small Claims Court.
  • If you are seeking to enforce performance or to restrain performance you are usually in the wrong court.
  • Actual personal injury cases, even if minor, ought to be discussed with your Plan Attorney before deciding to sue in Small Claims Court. The damages recoverable in such cases usually involve some past and future pain and the damage amounts may add up to exceed the jurisdictional limits of the Small Claims Court quite rapidly.

Improper matter include martial disputes and divorces, child custody and support issues, real estate matters involving significant amounts of property, bankruptcy, cases involving actual personal injuries, criminal acts, probates, or matters seeking injunctions or similar relief, such as TRO (Temporary Restraining Orders).

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