Child support is almost always a part of the marital settlement agreement. This represents the money the court will order, or the parties can agree to be paid, usually on a monthly or weekly basis to one spouse for the support of the children. Usually, the support is paid to the spouse who has custody, since it is necessary for that spouse to provide food and shelter on a regular basis.

Obviously, child support is no longer the province of the wife. No longer are the children simply awarded to the wife by a court and the husband is left to the process of visitation. In fact, in many recent divorces, much of the fight has centered on the custody of the children issue. Fathers are putting up much more of a battle seeking custody of their children.

In the unfortunate event that you become ill or mentally incapacitated, it is important for you to have a means of expressing what medical procedures you want to be performed before you become sick. It is surprisingly easy to do so with a Living Will. When creating a Living Will, you must be of sound mind and not incapacitated.

Ownership: A large majority of states do not have a community property characterization scheme of marital asset ownership. In these states, there are many laws which determine who owns which assets in a marriage.

If you are married, or if you are contemplating marriage, it is important to understand the legal nature of a marriage relationship and it is important to understand your rights, duties and obligations in a marriage.

In a marriage, both parties have equal rights in most every state in the United States. This includes:


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