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Everyday, you engage in transactions that require the sharing of your personal information. For example, you share your personal information when you make purchases, pay bills, pay taxes, and log onto your favorite websites.

In most cases, a criminal needs to obtain personally identifiable information or documents. They may steal this information from your home, workplace, while you are in public, or through the use of some online scheme.

Identity Theft in the Home:

There is an old saying in real estate that "there are three things to consider when buying a piece of commercial property - location, location, location." In the legal profession it is safe to say that there are three things to consider when selecting a lawyer - experience, experience, experience.

Identity theft is a crime. Just like any other crime, you are entitled to certain rights as a victim. Many local governments, however, have yet to make adequate provisions, at the state level, for victims of identity theft and you may encounter some difficulty or “red tape” as you attempt to carry out certain actions necessary to restoring your identity.

A paralegal is a person qualified to perform substantive legal work, customarily carried out by lawyers, that requires extensive knowledge of legal concepts. Through education, training, and work experience, this person may be retained or employed by a lawyer, legal firm, governmental agency, or other entity that requires this work.

Some duties that paralegals can perform include:


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