Power of Attorney

The Durable Power of Attorney allows an agent to manage your affairs in your place. The powers can be specific or general in nature.

Most states recognize Durable Powers of Attorney; however, the laws in each state vary. Each state has their own requirements and limitations. Some states recognize that a Durable Power of Attorney will take effect immediately upon execution. You should be extremely careful before you draft this document and have it executed.

Generally, a Power of Attorney gives a person the right, in some capacity, to act on your behalf in your affairs. You can give someone this authority as long as you have a sound mind and are not mentally incapacitated. This power to act can be specific or general in nature. For example, you can grant a person the power to sign your name to on a loan document if you if you are out-of-state.

A Durable Power of Attorney is similar to a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare. The main difference is that the Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare limits your agent to making decisions for you about your medical treatment and related matters.


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