What is a Warranty? Warranties are guarantees made usually by manufacturers or service companies which may describe the terms by which services, repairs, replacement, or maintenance will be conducted should any such work be necessary.

Identity theft cases can be very complex. It is perhaps one of the few crimes where the victim is considered guilty until proven innocent. The burden of proof falls upon the victim to prove that they are indeed victims of identity theft. Therefore, it is very important for you to document all of your actions and conversations from the very beginning of the recovery process.

This section deals with the actual notice given to defendants when they are being sued and what happens if there is not proper notice.


All courts will require you to provide proof that you have actually given notice of the lawsuit to all of the defendants. The courts strive for actual notice to each party.

Overall, a Durable Power of Attorney, if properly drafted, gives you the control over the person who will manage your affairs, should you be unable to, by virtue of unexpected mental condition.

Disadvantages of a Durable Power of Attorney

One of the primary concerns in agreements between private parties can be running afoul of usury laws. Usury laws set limitations on the amount of interest which can be charged, and these rates vary by state. States have these rules so that certain institutions or persons cannot take extreme advantage of another person in a less equal financial position.


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